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Images of Reading

Elbow on books
Books as props in early studio photography

Posing with a book gives individuals a studious air but photographers also kept books handy as a means steadying the sitter. Exposure time was much longer with early cameras and…

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Holding book together
Early photographic portraits of reading outdoors

Holding an open book enables an embracing composition of mother and child; the mother can also hold the child steady and prevent wriggling. As cameras got smaller and faster, these…

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15th Century painting
Christ child riffles pages

Fifteenth- century paintings by Hans Memling and Jan Van Eyck take religious subjects and use formal compositions but there’s an unexpected touch of realism, typical of the Renaissance. The Christ…

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Ex libris stamp with owner's name
Ex libris bookplates

Marking all the volumes in your personal library with an Ex libris ownership stamp - from the library of [add your name] - is now a thing of the past.…

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