Taking courses during coronavirus closures

We have been approached by a number of libraries who wish to use online training while public services are closed. Like everyone else in this difficult time, we want to help as much as possible, so last week we cut the prices of all our courses to enable more library staff to be able to take them. Click on any course to see the reduced price. This week, our team has worked flat out (from home of course!) to adapt key courses so they can be taken entirely online without needing any access to a library. Read more >>

Two Entry Level and two Intermediate Level courses can now be fully completed if staff are working at home. We have created virtual exercises which support skill development and stretch thinking as much as the originals do, but they use digital resources instead of talking with customers and moving books on physical shelves. On Entry Level, staff can keep in touch from home through the discussion boards while on Intermediate Level they have a personal relationship with one of our online tutors. Online training can help us all to manage the stress of this situation and keep our professional commitment alive while cut off from our customers. Click here to see the courses.


New courses, new designs, new functionality – check out our full offer for public and school libraries.

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A unique library with an amazing atmosphere

Opening the Book worked with Staffordshire County Council and BHB Architects to create the new Lichfield Library at the heart of the refurbishment of St Mary's Church in the city centre. Visitors have doubled, issues are up 18%, a landmark church has been brought back to life and the whole of Market Square feels the benefit. That's what a great library can do.

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