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School Library Shelving

Shelving is about so much more than storage. So many shelving systems look like warehouse racking whereas the purpose of shelving in a contemporary library is not just to house lots of books – it’s to display them attractively. Everything about our shelving is designed to make your books look good so students want to pick them up and read them.

All the shelves in the bookcase are fully adjustable so you can get the right height for different size books. Each shelf is tipped up to the eye of the person standing in front so the books are clearly seen. Face-out display shelves and signage holders are included in the price. We offer neutral colours on the bookshelves (so as not to compete with colourful book covers) combined with a contrast colour trim on the tops and ends to give a sophisticated appeal - miles away from those old brown bookshelves that students find so boring!


Planning a project?

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