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A successful Learning Commons is an energising environment for a wide range of learning activities. We can help you create an exciting and flexible student-centred space which can become the hub of your school.

Our brand new range of specially designed furniture for secondary schools and academies can transform your learning resource centre into an exciting Learning Commons where students can interact, collaborate and study.

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Secondary School and Acadamy Library Design

Library Design Services & Consultancy

Creating welcoming spaces which bring people, books and reading together.

Library interior design at SW1

Public Library Design

Co-locations, self-service, new staff roles, departmental mergers – it’s a different landscape for the modern library. Our customer-centred interior designs can help you meet these challenges creatively.

Working with architects and contractors in library design projects

Architects & Contractors

We understand both the building process and the library client - and we’re very good at explaining one to the other! Get us on board as consultants or design team members to create the best library interior possible in your space.

A newly refurbished secondary school library

Secondary Schools & Academies

A Learning Commons offers a fresh approach to the traditional library and a new kind of learning environment. Transform dull and boring into vibrant and exciting, making your library a place which students want to visit and feel at home in.

Children reading in primary school library

Primary School Libraries

Child-friendly, appealing and robust – everyone says our BookSpace range is simply the best in the school library design market. Follow our easy steps to create a stimulating environment to engage children in reading.

Library Training Online Courses

Over 14,000 library staff have taken our online training in 3 continents

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Breakthrough Library Training

Opening the Book courses change the way libraries engage with their customers. Thousands of library staff have experienced the motivational power of testing new approaches and discovering how well they work in daily practice.

Librarian customer care skills

Frontline Basics

Active customer care skills in a 4-hour course which is fast, practical and enjoyable. Supports staff and volunteers - the first face of your service - with the skills and confidence to work away from the desk.

Library courses relevant to your training needs

Frontline Standard

5 short courses which together set the standard for everyone working directly with readers and books. Choose the courses most relevant to your training needs; you can mix and match as you like.

Library manager working on online library training course

Frontline Professional

For library managers who are ambitious to change library practice. Projects, strategy, outreach – everything you need to strengthen the impact of the library in the reading community.

Library Furniture Shop

Innovative products and ideas to help you reach out to your readers

The Original Book Pod

Everyone loves the elegant curve of our Book Pod. It will bring style and grace to any library space - you can use it against walls or pillars or at the end of a shelving bay. Face-forward display shows the whole book or DVD cover where many other spinners and displayers obscure the products they are intended to highlight. Four shelves can be used for display or keep the lowest shelf spine-out for easy topping up. Supplied with set of easy to change header graphics (select adults’ or children’s) that can be used with different books to keep your displays fresh and lively.’

Book Table

Bookshops pile bestsellers on tables with tremendous sales success. Our Book Table enables libraries to exploit the same phenomenon, without the need for multiple copies as it is designed to make individual titles look good next to each other. If you have staff taking online training courses with Opening the Book, offer them one side of the table for a display, and discover for yourself why this is the highest performing unit in our range.

Reading Hideaway

If your children’s area needs a ‘wow’ factor, this is the unit to do it. Great book display and a fun design which brings a smile to every face. Children of all ages love to curl up inside with a book. It’s practical too, strongly constructed with wipe-clean vinyl cushions. The Hideaway is a classic which will appeal to one generation of children after another. It is especially successful with boys; put the right books on it and you'll find that boys much prefer choosing from the Hideaway than the standard shelves.

Rocket Pod

The Rocket Pod delivers a big 'wow' for a small outlay. The vibrant colour and stunning design attract immediate attention. The unit displays paperbacks on both sides and features fun mirror circles and tactile beads on the sides. Supplied with 5 free graphics so you can change your displays frequently.