Tall Fiction Bookcase

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Whatever your Reading Corner needs we have a Bookcase that’s fit for purpose.

The Tall Fiction Bookcase features 4 shelves on one side which are just the right size for paperbacks. The three upper shelves provide face-out display with a lip to prevent books falling off and the lower shelf is designed for spine-out display and makes it easy to top-up the face-out shelves once the books have been taken by the children.

Select either a White or Oak unit and your choice of coloured shelves.

All our Bookcases are compact, freestanding and easily moved making it simple to drop them into any reading corner regardless of size and shape. If you need any help, our free design service can show you what fits where and what works best in your space.

A smaller version of this unit, the Fiction Bookcase is also available. Or take a look at our Picture Bookcase and Tall Non-fiction Bookcase for paperback and non-fiction display.

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Capacity:Holds 55 paperbacks