Gimme More

by Liza Cody

I was totally absorbed following the twists and turns of this complicated story and continually surprised by what happened next. Birdie Walker is the rock-widow of the famous Jack. Having lived in the blaze of publicity, everyone thinks they know all about her. But there are many sides to this beautiful and intelligent woman, and she exploits her public image to suit her own plans which turn out to be intricate, clever and entertaining. Along the way I learnt about the business behind rock n roll.


Jack is the one everyone remembers. Jack is the one who defines me. He gives me an identity, even now. Oh yes, I owe everything to Jack. I am Jack's survivor - his rock-widow.

So I need a rock-widows's frock: something dark, mysterious and tragic. Plus shoes to show off the legs, because legs last longer than faces and should attract the attention they deserve .... I want to clothe myself in mystery from head to hem, in decadence from hem to heel. A good mask, like a good hustler, should touch the truth lightly and pass on by. A good hustler should use a stolen credit card quickly and throw it away. Card, discard, and move on.



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