Library Furniture

Our fresh approach to library display furniture is based on our understanding of how to engage adults and children in reading. Analyzing the psychological and physical factors which tempt people to pick up books has led us to design new ways to showcase library books and increase circulation and reader engagement.

Opening the Book is proud to work in partnership with Brodart Co. - suppliers of library furniture across North America since 1959.

public library book stands and easels

Book stands and easels

We have listened to library needs and designed a unique range of easels to make your life easier. strongly made and simple to use, our units will transform any standard shelving into a high-performing display.

children's display furniture

Children's display furniture

Take a look at our range of tunnels, dens, trees and hideouts for that extra “wow” factor – all of them filled with books for children to discover.

children's library shelving

Children's library shelving

Everything about our shelving is designed to make your books look good so children want to pick them up and read them.

children's library seating

Children's seating

Fun shapes and contemporary colors give our seating range fabulous child-appeal. seats are practical too, with durable construction and tough fabrics.

public library floor display units

Library floor display

Our high-performing units will create a focus area in any library space; they tempt patrons to browse and that will get your circulation figures going up.

mobile library shelving for public libraries

Mobile library shelving

Create a fantastic showcase for books in the center and then easily move the shelving to the side when you want to hold an activity or event.

promotional library graphics

Library promotions

Present the excitement and sophistication of the reading experience with stunning graphic images to display next to the books.

library signage and graphics

Library signage and graphics

Our graphics combine the best of retail-style professional design with deep understanding of reader psychology and what motivates patrons to pick up books.

library storage furniture


Our child-friendly bench seat has built-in storage crates - no more unsightly units spread across the floor for that vital storage space when working with young children.

Table top book display

Table top book displayflat surfaces like tables, window-ledges and help desks can make great spaces for mini-promotions. our stand uses a stylish frame to give your chosen title a lot of presence.

school library book stands and easels

School library book stands and easels

Turning books so their covers can be seen is vital in motivating children to touch and take books. use our easels on any school shelving to get instant face-forward impact.

elementary school display furniture

Elementary school display furniture

Our range of school display furniture make choosing books into a fun activity. these specially designed furniture units will bring ‘wow’ factor to any learning environment.

elementary school library shelving

Elementary school library shelving

Designed especially for elementary schools, our shelving creates delightful spaces with fabulous child-appeal.

k-6 school library seating

K-6 seating

Mixing seating in with shelving creates cozy spaces for children to read independently. the shapes and colors of these seats will appeal to young children while the durability and tough fabrics will also satisfy school purchasers!

high school library furniture

High school library furniture

High school students are used to retail standards of product presentation. our stylish furniture will bring a similar level of smart sophistication to your library space and make your reading offer attractive and tempting.

school library mobile shelving

School library mobile shelving

Mobile shelving is essential to the contemporary school library or learning commons. you can easily reconfigure the space to suit different learning requirements.

school library signage and graphics

School library signage & graphics

Graphic inserts for your display furniture will bring a touch of retail-style professional design to your library or learning commons. use these stylish designs to add impact to your book displays.

school library promotions

School library promotions

These promotions tempt children and young adults to explore books further - and offer a great learning experience along the way.

school library storage

School library storage

Our child-friendly library bench seat incorporates two large storage tubs. put two back-to back or mix in with 3-tier picturebook units to make a great book corner.

school table top book display

School table top book display

Use our book stand to give your chosen title height, visibility and presence – and be ready to refill the unit very quickly!

wall shelving and display

Wall shelving and display

Our range of wall units will enable you to make great use of any available wall space. we have smart wall shelving; high-capacity units at the right height for young children.

Library furniture catalog

Our 2017 library furniture catalog is packed full of innovative products and ideas to help you reach out to your readers.