Refreshing a Children’s Library

Greenburgh Public Library is a stunning building in NY. The location on the hillside and the soaring front projection make this a very special place.

Greenburgh Public Library is a stunning building in NY

Opening the Book is working with Nu-Tech Furnishings and Brodart on an exciting refresh of the children’s library interior. The children’s library is a beautiful large space with an attractive feature ceiling. The sweeping curves of the ceiling design immediately suggested the organic Arcs and Propellers of our Performance shelving and John Sexton, the Director, was intrigued by the possibilities.

The library is very well-used but has not been refreshed for many years. The current layout splits the tables area from the books. There is a big open space which invites children to run as soon as they enter and a bookstack area which is rather intimidating.

Our discovery layout rebalances the space and mixes tables and shelving to create lots of different zones, each with their own flavor.

Greenburgh library exterior

Straight rows are replaced by flowing curves to create a unified feel. Instead of rather drab shelving in one area and a multitude of primary colours in another, the whole has a coherent color scheme to lift spirits and aspirations.

There are some great feature pieces which showcase books in new ways – Picturebook Tunnels, a Rocket Pod and a Reading Hideaway.

We have also included our Big Book Storytime Feature which combines, seating, play and performance in one place. It was important to Greenburgh to be able to hold large children’s events so we designed the area in front of the Big Book with mobile shelving and showed how a seated audience of up to 100 could easily be accommodated.

Greenburgh library interior

The Director and his team are delighted with the proposals and we plan to install the new library in 2016.