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Time to unwind with these indulgent reads selected by other site users. To make your own suggestion for a book to escape with, click here.

Visiting the Bard by Alasdair Campbell

Visiting the Bard

By Alasdair Campbell

You will be moved by these poignant and often tragic short stories set on Lewis. But you will also laugh at the hilarious side of island life and recognise universal truths about human interaction.

The Enigmatic Sailor by Alan Peacock

The Enigmatic Sailor

By Alan Peacock

A fascinating look at how code-cracking was vital in operational situations, told from the standpoint of the author whose adventures as a sea-going ‘eavesdropper’ will have you hooked. An intelligent first-hand account of adventure and danger.

Paradise by A L  Kennedy


By A L Kennedy

Hannah Luckcraft ia an alcoholic in love with Robert Gardener, an alcoholic dentist. However Robert may be just one more symptom of the problem she must cure. Written with touches of humour, this book follows Hannah's journey for her happines - paradise

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