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Time to unwind with these indulgent reads selected by other site users. To make your own suggestion for a book to escape with, click here.

Madame Fifis farewell by Gerry  Cambridge

Madame Fifis farewell

By Gerry Cambridge

This is a lively collection of poems about love and relationships, told in a variety of voices. Madame Fifi herself tells us, with a hint of sadness, that she has decided it's time to hang up her whip. Highly enjoyable!

Sophie's Bakery for the Broken Heated by Lolly Winston

Sophie's Bakery for the Broken Heated

By Lolly Winston

Sophie's solution to all the problems of living is eating. And her solution to dieting is to encourage other people to eat. Chick-lit for the intellectual.

Astonishing splashes of colour by Clare Morrall

Astonishing splashes of colour

By Clare Morrall

Kitty Wellington is married to James and reviews children's books, but nothing else about her is normal. They live in separate flats, she never knew her mother and longs to have children. This is a sad and moving story of an ordinary life gradually unravelling.

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