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Read mor… on the move

Need something to dip in and out of while you travel? Or something to take you where you’ve never been before? Don’t leave without one of these reads chosen by other site users. To suggest your own book to go places with, click here.

The Fahrenheit Twins by Michel Faber

The Fahrenheit Twins

By Michel Faber

A collection of stories by the wonderful Michel Faber. If you have read "The Crimson Petal and the White", "The Fire Gospel" or any of his other books, that is all you need to know. If you haven't, treat yourself and read this book.

The Dark Side of the Sun by Elizabeth  Palmer

The Dark Side of the Sun

By Elizabeth Palmer

A tale of dark secrets and wildly bad behaviour set in wartime London. Expect an original heroine and some eccentric family goings-on.

Mother law: a parchment for Dundee by Malcolm Archibald

Mother law: a parchment for Dundee

By Malcolm Archibald

If you find a strangely carved box in your garden, my advice would be - BURY IT! David Christie is drawn into a strange world and must find a missing manuscript to bring order back to his life.

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