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Read mor… on the move

Need something to dip in and out of while you travel? Or something to take you where you’ve never been before? Don’t leave without one of these reads chosen by other site users. To suggest your own book to go places with, click here.

Early One Morning by Robert Ryan

Early One Morning

By Robert Ryan

Thrills and spills aplenty in this gripping story of war and friendship behind enemy lines in France. Lots of action, spiced with drama, betrayal and love. If you liked Charlotte Gray you'll love this.

The Dead Pool by Sue Walker

The Dead Pool

By Sue Walker

Kirstin Rutherford returns to Edinburgh after two years away to pay her respects to her dead father-in-law Jamie. Jamie drowned five months earlier in a deep pool in the Water of Leith, known locally as The Cauldron. As events unfold it is unclear whether it was a tragic accident, or a suicide, or something altogether more sinister. This crime writer gets better with each book.

Bone in the Throat by Anthony Bourdain

Bone in the Throat

By Anthony Bourdain

The Sopranos meet the Naked Chef in this funny, irreverant tale of murder, mayhem and the mob. As we rock through the streets of New York, the plot has more twists than a plate of spaghetti. Truly a gangster thriller to feast on.

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