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Need something to dip in and out of while you travel? Or something to take you where you’ve never been before? Don’t leave without one of these reads chosen by other site users. To suggest your own book to go places with, click here.

Laidlaw by William McIlvanney


By William McIlvanney

Tough, complex policeman Jack Laidlaw tackles a murder investigation in this tale set in Glasgow. Within this city of hardmen the sardonically humorous Laidlaw fights crime using unconventional methods. If you enjoy Taggart, you will love this.

The Great Escapers by Tim Carroll

The Great Escapers

By Tim Carroll

If you watch the film every Christmas, or whistle the theme tune each time England play Germany, you'll adore this marvellous biography about the real men behind the Stalag Luft lll escape plots. Anyone who wants to discover what really happened to the brave seven who made it out of Goring's showcase prison camp will find out within the pages of this book. History at its best. Gripping stuff.

The Dead Place by Stephen Booth

The Dead Place

By Stephen Booth

If you like your plots meticulously crafted... if you enjoy the detail behind the crime... if you relish your police painstakingly procedural... then this is for you. The Peak District rises up of the pages as a haunting background to dark story. While you're weighing up the evidence the tension between Ben Cooper and Diane Fry sizzles off the page.

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