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Read mor… on the edge

Take a bold step with these gripping reads chosen by other site users. To suggest a book that took you to the edge of your seat – or your boundaries – click here.

A quiet belief in angels by roger john ellory

A quiet belief in angels

By roger john ellory

Kept waiting for an uplifting element in the book - the only reason I kept going with it! Tragedy and despair, loneliness and guilt was a cloud I was hoping had a silver lining.

Samarkand by Amin Maalouf


By Amin Maalouf

Do you want to know the connection between Omar Khayyam and the Titanic? Well, I'm not going to tell you. Read this book and find out.

Madness Visible: A Memoir of War by Janine di Giovanni

Madness Visible: A Memoir of War

By Janine di Giovanni

If you don’t want to know what modern war is like, then don’t read this book. Di Giovanni describes war in a way that will stay in your memory and completely unsettle you. Her story raises profoundly challenging questions: What can cause neighbours who have lived peacefully side by side for centuries to turn against one another with mindless brutality? What becomes of the survivors when everything they know and love is destroyed?

Beyond the comfort zone

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