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Explore all kinds of landscapes – the internal and the external – with these evocative reads selected by other site users. To suggest your own landscape read, click here.

Psychoraag by Suhayl Saadi


By Suhayl Saadi

Join Zaf, a Glasgow based Asian DJ, on a mind expanding journey through the night, through music, through history - a riot of language and ideas. Its a journey with drugs, drink, sex, fun and the adventure that is life.

Glue by Irvine Welsh


By Irvine Welsh

Glue is not, as you would assume, about solvent abuse. It refers to the 'bond' that unite four boys growing up in the slums of Edinburgh. It is written almost entirely in an Edinburgh dialect and can be a bit difficult to read. If you loved Trainspotting then you will love this but you may also feel that it is just more of the same from Welsh.

The Catalpa Tree by Denyse Devlin

The Catalpa Tree

By Denyse Devlin

This is the story of Jude, orphaned at fourteen and left in the hands of her guardian, Oliver. A love story with different twists and turns, it was engaging yet disturbing.

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