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School Library Display Furniture

Great book displays are the key to a successful LRC or Learning Commons. Get books off the shelves and onto display units and you will bring style and grace to your library, showcase your collection and get your students reading.

Our range includes stylish pieces for all book formats and all types of library space. Choose single or double-sided to match your requirements, fill up with stock, then stand back and watch the books fly out the door. Easy to merchandise so the books look their best, these units can be refilled quickly as soon as gaps appear. Try dressing the top shelves of a unit with books for a particular topic or class – everyone will be amazed how the library has just what they were looking for! Or get your students helping to choose books for display, it’s a great way to start them talking about books.

Display furniture

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Opening the Book provides library design and layout services, project management and complete library installations.