Random Things Through My Letterbox

I met @annecater through Twitter – and was hooked by her self-confessed obsession with receiving things through the post which began when she was a child. I was that kind of child too. As an adult, she writes a blog called Random Things Through My Letter Box which is mainly about books, but sometimes about other stuff too. Things that make this site well worth a visit are:

  • The range and variety of books reviewed – there are plenty of surprises and some great new introductions.
  • The honesty of the reviewer – this really feels like one reader talking to another.
  • The huge books covers – a big plus for me, they look great and it’s often the way I choose my next read.
  • The ever-changing home page – this blog is current and on the pulse. Shows commitment and makes me think it’s worth a return visit.
  • Book giveaways – always a good thing.

 Sites we like

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Peirene Press

I have to confess I love the product – these pocket-sized beauties are just perfect for an afternoon read. The website looks as stylish as the book covers – which are presented in a very tempting way under the Books tab.

Men Who Stare at Books

Men Who Stare at Books is a welcome invitation into a world of unapologetic man stuff from the guys at Headline Books. Definitely worth dropping in for a rummage.

Edinburgh International Book Festival

I’m a big fan of the Edinburgh International Book Festival and visit when I can – but I live 200 miles away, so it’s not always that easy.

Scott McLoud’s TED

Scott McLoud’s TED talk on understanding comics and graphic fiction is just one of an inspiring collection of informed speakers that tackle all kinds of personal, unexpected and engrossing subjects.

Mr. Bs Emporium

Mr. Bs Emporium is an independent bookshop in Bath. The website gives a good flavour of why readers love this bookshop.


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