Peirene Press

I have to confess I love the product – these pocket-sized beauties are just perfect for an afternoon read. The website looks as stylish as the book covers – which are presented in a very tempting way under the Books tab. Even a self-confessed e-book junkie like me yearns to hold one. This unique independent press publishes three new books in translation a year, and readers can sign up to receive each new title either by subscription or by purchasing book bundles. Individual titles can be bought too.

Peirene Press exudes intimacy – reinforced by its membership offer, its reading group and supper club – inviting readers to immerse themselves not only in the stories it publishes but also in the world of the people that make them happen. A quirky blog completes the picture. Buying into the whole Peirene package might not be to every reader’s taste – but the books are definitely worth a serious investment of time and money.

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