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Take your seat

There are some books that demand to be read in specific situations and there are some situations that you couldn't get through without a book - train journeys, sleepless nights, waiting rooms...! Put your feet up and find out what's working for other readers and then suggest some of your own.

Relaxing and Fresh ( 123 )

These might offer a few twists and surprises, whether in the plot or the writing, but they still make you heave a satisfied sigh at the end.

Suggest a relaxing and fresh book

Travelling companions ( 218 )

Long journeys or short, how could you survive without a book? Whether it's something to get you through the tedium of hours on a train, bus or plane, or an audio book for that long car journey, these will keep you sane.

Suggest a travelling companion book

Fashionable and upmarket ( 56 )

Listen to that buzz! These are the books that are occupying the column inches in the review pages and have the literati chattering. Next big thing or overhyped?

Suggest a fashionable and upmarket book

3am reads ( 260 )

What's the book you couldn't put down till you finished it at 3.00 in the morning? Is there a book you go back to if you're having a sleepless night to help fill the hours, or something that's guaranteed to have you nodding off in no time?

Suggest a 3am read book

Familiar reads ( 212 )

You settle into some books like you would a comfy pair of slippers. You know exactly what you're going to get with these books - nothing to frighten the horses. Settle back and enjoy.

Suggest a familiar read book

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