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Beach Road

by James Patterson

One of my work colleagues persuaded me to try a Patterson novel when I confessed they had never really appealed to me. I chose this one as it looked quite an "easy read" and therefore a good introduction to his work. I was gripped from the start - the short chapters made the story easy to race through and I only put it down once while reading ! I really enjoyed the tension of the courtroon scenes and the twist in the tale really made me gasp ! I know some people think this is a disappointing and incredulous story, but I really enjoyed it and found it a great introduction to James Patterson ... so much so that I am now reading another book by this author and already I'm hooked !!

Suggested by Little Maisy, West Yorkshire

Tagged with: riveting twisted



Being a James Patterson fan I expected that this book would appeal to me, it was a gripping read from the start and almost at good as The Lifeguard. It was quite an easy read, if you haven't yet read any of this books I would definitely recommend this one as it isn't part of a series and is a good taster of his books. The tension in the courtroom scenes is really gripping, together with an unexpected end to the story which comes as a real suprise to the reader.
Claire, Bournemouth, Dorset

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