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Wives and daughters

by Elizabeth Gaskell

I love all Elizabeth Gaskell's books but this is my absolute favourite. The characters are brilliantly portrayed and its the perfect mix of humour, romance and a brilliantly captivating story. Well worth a re-read!!

Suggested by Chewy, Cambs

Tagged with: comfortable enjoyable heartwarming joyful



North and South is another underrated novel by this wonderful author. Even if you've seen the TV Drama, you should read it.
Elizabeth Gaskell is my favourite Victorian author and I am also watching Cranford. Mary Barton is another excellent read of hers.
I am watching Cranford at the moment on television and think it is brilliant so I have started to read Mrs Gaskells books. I agree and love this book. I cannot wait to read more by the same lady. I have regained my enjoyment of this type of classic novel.

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