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Life of Pi

by Yann Martell

I thought this a delightful book with an unusual story-line and interplay of various themes including those of zoo-keeping and religion. My belief in the credibility of this tale was frequently tested both as regards Pi's religious adherence and particularly concerning his adventures after the shipwreck. At the same time my interest was held and buoyed up by the wealth of detail, amazing as some of it is and the beautiful descriptions of weather conditions and Pi's emotional state.
I am sure that I was not the only one to have felt perplexed at times by The Life of Pi and yet fascinated by it.

Suggested by Rosalind Richings, England

Tagged with: fascinated original wonderful

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An interesting and unusual read. Pi's life on the boat, when shipwrecked is fascinating, especially when left alone with the tiger. You can't help being curious to find out how they survive and what happens to them in the end.
I thought this was a fantastic and original read. It has loads of 'laugh out loud' sections, as well as some gruesome bits.
I also loved this and read it to my teenage girls who also loved it we had quite a few interesting discussions about Pi.

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