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The red tent

by Anita Diamant

Although I'm not overly religious I loved this book. It is a biblical history from a female perspective and I enjoyed it so much I've read it twice! I can't even remember why I picked it up but I think I read it in one night.

Suggested by Julie Rogers, Hull

Tagged with: enlightening fascinating moving relating timeless women women!



I really liked this book. I enjoyed the connection between the women and their resolve to change things even though 'things' may be out of their control. Well written and enjoyable.
Peggy M Byrne
I very much liked this book when I read it some years ago. Has anyone tried her 'Good harbor'?
This is a really good read I know that it is a favourite with the reading groups and I can understand why. It is thought provoking and I love to read about the lives of women in the past.
Jane - Maidstone
This was a good book I loved it some things are unchanging.
I also enjoyed this book as a historical novel, which I don't normally read, the lives of the people portrayed was fascinating.
Maureen - Sunderland

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