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The Historian

by Elizabeth Historian

I took this book on holiday last year and began it with enthusiasm - oh, dear, it didn't take me long to realise my error! Far too many pages where nothing really happened, far too many coincidences and the only realy interesting character - Dracula himslef - was hardly in it! Wordy, pretentious and tedious.

Suggested by Belle Woodward, Dudley

Tagged with: dull exciting frightening pretentious



I thought this was the best book I have read for years. I was terrified, but at the same time couldn't put it down!!
Totally agree with Belle. Boring boring boring. This whole book is about people looking up stuff in libraries.. if that sounds dull, it's because it is. I barely made it through.
Mrs Potatochip
How can Belle have got it so wrong? This book is a tension filled historical genuis! Very hard to put down and thoroughly enjoyable to read.

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