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Maggie's Tree

by Julie Walters

My expectation of this book was high went I first saw it, as it was written by Julie Walters. We chose this for our reading group and were very disappointed. No one in the group enjoyed the book; only a handful of us actually finished it. She should stick to doing what she does best, was the overall comment from the group.

Suggested by Sue, London

Tagged with: big boring disappointment excrutiating mundane, pointless uninteresting



Absolutely agree, I work in a library and a reader returned it saying how great it was so thought I'd give it a go – oh, the pulling power of a famous name – I rarely give up on a book but couldn't get beyond the first few pages. Agree with Janet B about the characters, also wonder cynically how much imput came from the famous name. I worked in publishing for many years and know that often most of the hard work is done by the poor nameless editors!
I tried it and gave up after a few pages. I agree with Nicola - I couldn't get interested in any of the characters. I, also, only started to read because it was by Julie Walters. Oh well, she's still a fantastic actress!
Janet B, Hedon
Made it to page 100 and then suddenly realised I DONT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO ANY OF THESE PEOPLE so I gave up. Lifes to short and there are to many books to waste time on bad ones.
I was very disappointed with this book, almost didn't bother to finish it.

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