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The interpretation of murder

by Jed Rubenfeld

halfway through so far of this book. it is a crime novel set in early 21st century new york where a murder gas been commited and a detective and pyschologist, Freud and co use their analyses. it is pulsating, easy reading and to follow, exciting, the best book i have read this year so far.

Suggested by f patel, Lancaster

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I loved this book. As someone who enjoys historical novels and psychological thrillers, the combination of the two was irrisistible. I loved the early 1900's New York setting. I found the novel intriguing and it moved at a nice pace. I thought the detective was great and when the psychologist and the detective combined forces at the end of the novel a saw the start of a great new partnership. I glad to see this partnership is set to continue as Jed Rubenfeld releases his second novel soon with the same lead characters as in the first.

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