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Our Betty

by Liz Smith

This story of Liz Smith's life is whitty, entertaing, facinating and sometimes sad. It shows her lonelyness, her musings, struggles and hopes, from near poverty to riches and success.
The book has the added bonus of being illustrated with Liz's own sketches and photographs.
Very enjoyable, with easy to read episodes of her life.

Suggested by Brian, Sunderland

Tagged with: autobiography, entertaining funny, insightfull



I loved this book, you could almost hear Liz Smith with every word you read.
Sue 2
I also enjoyed this book. Some of her memories were quite random which I quite liked as it felt like she was talking to you and had just remembered something interesting to tell you.
I loved reading about Liz Smith's life story. It was funny, sad and a lovely read. I remember her from 'I Didn't Know You Cared' even though she has been in so many other things.
Barbra, Ashford

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