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by William Peter Blatty

I will be the first to admit that this novel may initially seem to be pulp fiction (the plot revolves around grisly murders and a Columbo like dectective who strives to solve them), but beneath that is a truly exciting and thought provoking subtaxt about the nature of good and evil. The theological ideas presented by Blatty in the novel's predecessor "The Exorcist" are examined in much greater depth and this makes the story a truly rewarding one. Sadly, this book is no longer in print, perhaps due to the sucess of the aforementioned prequel ("Legion" provides less of the shock value of "The Exorcist", not to it's detriment) and the fact that although it is a sequel of sorts, it is very different from the first novel. My advice is seek out a second hand copy, read it back to back with "The Exorcist" and you will not be disappointed.

Suggested by Lewis Thompson, Spennymoor

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