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by Ian McEwan

I had to read this book as part of a creative writing course I was taking a few years ago. It was the most mind numbingly boring book I've ever read. It was like a lead weight tied round my brain. Would rather watch paint dry.

Suggested by Alexandra Leeman, Scunthorpe

Tagged with: absorbing boring chore dull gripping tedious



I've tried to read this book twice now and have given up both times - unusual for me as I hate doing that. The first time I didn't get much beyond the first few pages. Then I saw the film and loved it! However, the second time I just about finished chapter one!
This is one of the very few books i had to actually give up on halfway through. It was so boring! Wanted to read it before i watched the film, but couldn't bring myself to waste any more time reading it. Film wasn't much better either.
This was gripping, i couldn't put it down. Very well written and full of surprises, although i was disappointed with the ending.
Have just finished this and had to make myself complete the exercise. Read it because everyone says it should be read! However, I think I would say that I found the diversions into rambling descriptions rather tedious.
PJ Bourne
I could not disagree more with this review.Ian mcewan is an amazing writer and this is one of his best books.Apart from the story line his characters are so well drawn and i found the atmosphere of a hot dry summer,in the beginning of the book,just perfectly evoked.

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