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Lord of the Rings

by J. R. R Tolkien

This is a book I can read over and over and still find things I had forgotten. It is a story with action, romance, humour, sacrifice, and old fashioned good versus evil. This very compelling epic has characters who grow throughout the books and make you either love or hate them.You can lose yourself in the fantasy world of Middle-earth which Tolkien brings to life with a mass of detail.Not all the good guys have a happy ending, but the ending is very satisfying. Tolkien adds appendices for the reader to extend their knowledge of his world.

Suggested by ann (doing frontline), co.durham

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A masterpiece in so many ways - what other book encompasses a whole world, different languages,histories and cultures and still has characters one can feel for and places everyone feels they know.Fantasy, mythology, drama ,relationships - it has it all. If I could have only one book for the rest of my life this would be it!
I really enjoyed this book, the battle scenes were very exciting. The film was as good as the book.
Tal shi myrn eil cas kyl ail valaer sher moli shael byraer eir si bestaes oli shyl ail si Sh Shol Vaer air air ei TER vaer. Mai thas Ai cali vaer air si sostaer eil aes sosti cali thyl or tysi eirdyr si shys eil si tasalaes sar Ai toraer. Ei taraesoli, shos maes sai shi ei saestari thys ei jhasi bestaes os oraes Thalaria shyl! Can be slow and hard going in places but since being voted as the number one book in the BBC Big Read it is a MUST read book. So far I have read it three times and each time have found out more about the world and the characters that I missed the first time. A masterpiece, which seems to be a template for a large number of other Fantasy books!
Eilaern Thys
I'd be interested in a translation of the reader's comments to see if we agree.
Quite easily one of the best books ever writen,lose yourself in a fantastic journey through middle earth.
We're all different thankfully. I loved these books including The Hobbit and have lost count of the times I've read them. They're just fantastic stories with fascinating characters. I haven't read The Children of Hurin yet as I'm a bit worried about spoiling my love for the other books, I'd be interested to see comments from anyone who has read it.
Jan, Barnsley
I'm not sure I understood all the fuss about these books. I didn't enjoy The Hobbit and though Lord of the Rings was more exciting, there were bits when I just wanted Frodo to get on with it!! I really can't understand why anyone would want to read them again...nothing better to do?
Chris, Lancashire
Don't know who did the other comment, is it Elvish? Whatever...I thought Ann had it spot on, every time I read this book I find something I'd missed. Racing through the exciting battles, following all of the characters into their own adventures, it's easy to mss something. I really enjoyed the movies but still go back and read the books as there is something more compelling about them. Maybe I feel more involved when I'm in control of the pages!
Joyce, Kent
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This is a glorious book.
John Sider

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