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The Reality Dysfunction

by Peter Hamilton

This is a very entertaining modern science fiction book written by a very good British Science Ficiton writer. Set 500 years in the future, a star spanning human confederation of worlds faces a grave challenge when a freak event on a new colony world allows the dead to start taking over the bodies of the living. This blockbuster read, (the first of a trilogy) has a wide cast of characters of humans both living and dead, robots, cyborgs and aliens in a struggle for survival. Filled with great characters, star wars space battles, futuristic technology, and lots of economic, cultural detail this is a a great read and difficult to put down.

Suggested by Andrew Wilson, Liverpool

Tagged with: entertaining gripping



I nearly gave up on this book.... i was nearly 500 pages in & still waiting for something to happen. Then it does & you're off on the irde of your life. I couldn't put it down & am a huge fan of his other books. Hamilton writes on a scale similar to Frank Herbert in the Dune series, the vastness of his imagination is amazing. I can't recommend recommend his books highly enough!

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