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The Girls

by Lori Lansens

This book has got to win a prize this year. I know its on the Richard and Judy book club list, but please don't be put off. It really is the most amazing book you will read so far this year.

Telling the story of two very different sisters, bonded together both by love and by being conjoined at the head, the book takes the form of an autobigraphy, written by both girls. Each girl is unique, and has their own version of every event that takes place, depsite them living through everything together.

It is so well written that you cannot believe the author hasn't just used the real diary of a conjoined twin.

It will make you laugh, cry, and wonder how you could ever cope if you found yourself in their position. Being a twin myself it really struck a cord that the bond between you can be so strong, and yet you can be two completely different people.

Please read this, it will touch your heart. Amazing.

Suggested by Lou Woods, Kent

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I've recommended this book to so many readers at the library where I work and everyone has commented on the strength of the writing. The love between the two sisters is beautiful.
Fiona, East Lothian Libraries
I read this some time ago, but it still stands out in my memory as an emotional but enjoyable read, one I would recommend.
I thought this book was fantastic. I had been recommended it by lots of people and decided to give it a try. I could not put it down, it is a most moving and thought provoking book.
Barbara Fulford
This book made me smile, laugh and sometimes cry, You have to stop and remind yourself that this is fiction, and not a true story of sisterhood.I decided to read this book as it was one of Richard and Judy,s book club reads.Although I found it a bit slow at times, I became drawn into their unique world which kept my attention.Best book i have read in a while.
This is not a book I would normally choose, but I'm so glad I did. It was a lovely read, so moving it made me laugh and cry. I would definitely recomment it!
I was also a bit hesitant about reading this book, but once I started couldn't put it down. Makes you cry and laugh, very moving and absorbing.Definitely would recommend it.
was a bit hesitant about reading this book due to the subject but I am so glad I did. It was so moving and yet entertaining. please give it a chance.
I agree with everything said here. The author hardly puts a foot wrong. What could have been mawkish or treated in a distasteful way is a vibrant, optimistic and uplifting story. These characters feel so real and fully inhabit their story.
Jackie, Wirral Libraries
I agree with all of the above/below. This book was ace. Funny, emotional, thought-provoking; everything a decent book should be. I nearly cried with laughter in parts! Now Lori Lansens just needs to write another.
The best book I have read in years. I have recommended it to 10+ people. Very moving and you can eel real empathy for the characters. Definitely worth reading.
This is a wonderful book, totally believable and enjoyable. I keep recommending it to other people. The cover is very unassuming and the blurb could be off putting but from page one it is entertaining and absorbing and the ending is just right.
Janice Smith
I thought it was a fantastic book I didnt want it to end.
Carol Cooper
I agree with Lou Woods about this book, I decided to try this book as I was'nt quite sure about it.Very well written, very moving,well worth reading.
Sheila Waters, Northumberland

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