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Cross stitch

by Diana Gabaldon

After a slowish start this novel quickly turns into a fast-paced adventure across space and time, all threaded through with the most delicious love story. A very satisfying start to a beguiling series telling the story of Claire and Jamie's families in 18th and 20th century Scotland and the New World.

Suggested by Jill, Plymouth

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This book was recommended by a friend and my first response was 'time travel, no way', but it has become my most favourite book and I recommend the whole series to everyone. I always picture Billy Connolly as Jamie - not necessarily the most romantic figure!
Maureen, North Yorkshire
I liked this book very much, especially the time travel aspect of it. It got me hooked on the whole series, which however, I sometimes find myself wondering if it will ever end?? The books have become longer and longer. I still enjoy parts of them though some of the history seems to slow things down. I also am losing track of characters and key events between each book. I need a Dummies Guide to the Voyager series! I am still determined to find out how it all ends so will persevere till Diana Gabaldon finishes writing the series.
This book and series has to rate as in my top 10 of books. Couldn't put this book down and recommend it all the time. If you haven't read it yet then you are missing out.
Barbra, Ashford
I work in a library too and I often recommend this book. It is an exciting read, it might be better as a tv series as a film would leave too much out, but who wouldn't travel back in time to be with Jamie despite the lack of indoor toilets and electricity! Another book please!
Can only agree with all the comments above, the historical description isn't laboured but obviously well researched and there's humour too. A cracking cross genre read.
Jayne Walsall
I read this book whilst holidaying in the area where much of the story is set and got very caught up with the characters and period. The reader is shown the 18th century through Claire’s 20th century eyes. It is very easy to imagine oneself there too. (And in love with Jamie!)
Jan Hertfordshire
I couldn't agree more. I work in a library and have recommended this series to many people and have not found one who hasn't loved it. I too think these books would make great films as it's very difficult not to fall madly in love with the hero Jamie and all the historical detail is exciting and informative.
Carol, Warrington
I absolutely love this book and the following 5. It is one of my all time favourites My friends have now read them and wonder who will play Jamie in the film if it is ever made. It should be
Julie Northumberland
My definition of a good story is one where the author paints pictures with their words. In my opinion, Cross stich is such an example. It is very easy to imagine what the characters look like, their surroundings, life style and relationships. I particularly like the introduction of some 20th Century values and perceptions into the 18th century and the resulting conundrums they cause.
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