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To kill a mockingbird

by Harper Lee

A story told through the voice of a child growing up in America's deep south. Scout describes her idyllic childhood days and the events that shatter them.
I love this book because the style of writing and the story carries me along. I lose myself in Scout's world,sharing her dreams and her loss of innocence.

Suggested by Lynn Rhodes, Leeds

Tagged with: classic compulsive enlightening moving

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I love this book because of it's style of writing, it's characterisation and of the issues it raises. Although profundly sad in parts the book has humour and a sense of hope running throughout. The book is set in deep South of America during the Depression. The books themes are racisim, predjuice , justice and humanity.
B, Brady
This is one of my favourite books, I can't believe it took me so long to get around to reading it! Such a sad and harrowing story, and such a harsh coming of age, but so beautifully told and with hope. Deserves to be the classic that it is.
I loved this book. I first read it because I was studying it for GCSE, particularly I like the ending, where even though things don't work out for Tom Robinson, and Boo radley is left just as lonesome as ever, there is so much hope that the ending is still a happy one.

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