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the wind singer

by william nicholson

It's a gripping read that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and lets your mind wander to another world. This book is full of discriptive settings and charecters that you can relate to.
It is a great adventure story, packed with magic, a harry potter-type classic just waiting to ambush the bestseler list.

Suggested by josie, bromsgrove

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Koolkitkat131, have some really good points up there, however, Mumpo lives in Orange District (lodge with Mrs Chirish), owing to the fact that his uncle is important and has a very high rating in Aramanth. There are exactly five districts in Aramanth. Listing from the best to worst districts, White, Scarlet, Orange, Maroon and Grey. However, more specific details can be listed about the Underlake. The difference between the great Aramanth and the welcoming Underlake. Hope these details are useful to you.
Title: The Wind Singer Author: William Nicholson Genre: Adventure/Fantasy Introduction: The Wind Singer is the first in the amazing trilogy ‘The wind on fire’ written by William Nicholson. It is set in the Great City of Aramanth, where there motto is ‘I vow to strive harder, to reach higher, and in every way to seek to make tomorrow better than today. For love of my Emperor and for the glory of Aramanth’. Aramanth: Aramanth, a glorious city surrounded by great big walls with many districts inside. It rather looked like a dart board with circles inside of smaller circles. Each district was colour coded, to decide what coloured district you will live in all depends on your family rating. To have a family rating the man of the house will take a test; depending on how good his results were the better the district and living arrangements were. Grey was the outer ring which is cramped and you have to share a bathroom with other families but only have 1 room to live in. Whichever coloured district you inhabited that was the colour of the robes or clothes you were to wear. Settings: Aramanth - The city where everyone lives, hardly anyone travels outside the walls as know one knows what is out there. There are several districts in which people live in, according to how many family rating points they have. The better the ratings, the better the house. For example if you live in grey district you will share one room, however many people in the family. If you lived in the best, white district you will have plenty of bedrooms which are large, a several bathrooms and a spacious lounge and kitchen. Underlake – Where mud people live. They call people from Aramanth ‘little skinnies’ and talk a bit different to the usual people. They harvest and collect mudnuts, a type of food that can be boiled, roasted and ate raw. Desert plains – Where the two travelling cities inhabit, Omchaka and Ombaraka. And the way the children must take to reach the Great Way. The Great Way – The road in which Kess, Bo and Mumpo must take in order to retrieve the Wind Singer’s voice. The Main characters are: Mumpo - A boy who has no mother and father and no friends until he meets Kess when she sat next to him in class. He is now more confident he has two people who actually care for him. Mumpo has an Uncle, who does not love him because he is not intelligent or clever. That is why Mumpo lives in grey district. Mumpo lives in grey district, he lives with a nice lady called Mrs Chirrish, she looks after Mumpo as know one else can or does. The Hath Family; The Hath family live in Orange district, one up from grey, the worst district and all wear bright orange robes/clothes. Every night they all have a wish huddle and wish and hope for something special. Kestrel Hath (Kess) - A thoughtful, courageous and strong willed girl, who is kind and caring but doesn’t always think straight. She hates tests and just cannot stand them. Sister to Bowman and Pinto. Bowman Hath (Bo) - A sensible and cautious boy who has a very strong relationship with Kess. He cares for her but also fears that some of her ideas are a bit dangerous. Brother to Kestrel and Pinto. Pinto Hath (Pin-Pin) – The youngest member of the Hath family. She cannot talk much but does in fact understand what people say to her and others. She is adored by her mother who protects her from harm. Sister of Kess and Bo. Ira Hath - A prophetess who is not recognised as one but will be thought of highly in the other books to come. She is rather much like Kestrel in many ways. Such as: she is strong willed, will speak up and will always do what is best for her and her family. Wife of Hanno, mother of Kess, Bo and Pinto. Hanno Hath - A clever man who truly adores books and all there contents. He too loathes tests; he always has ever since a little boy. At the high examination he never tends to excel himself unlike al the others who try ‘to strive harder’. Husband of Ira, father of Kess, Bo and Pinto. Maslo Inch - Chief examiner and instructor for all tests including the High Examination. Doctor Batch – Kess, Bo and Mumpo’s class teacher who they detest. Zars – An army of people who have been hypnotised and can only say one word which is: kill. Themes: In this thrilling book Nicholson explores different themes in the book. He explores in deeper, friendship, will it last or will they be separated? As well as determination, are they going to find the Wind Singers voice or will something stop them? Important Events: The most memorable parts of the intriguing novel, is when Maslo Inch changes. He is not all that he seems. From the start of the marvellous novel he is a man of power, people listen to him and obey him. As they have no choice or the consequences can result in harsh punishment and the family rating lowered. Another memorable part is when Kess are trying to escape from Aramanth, when they come across some old children; they have a power, unknown to the children. Kess, Bo and Mumpo cannot harm the old children, but the old children can harm them. When they end up in the sewers escaping from Maslo Inch and the guards, they find a whole new world called ‘The Underlake’ which is below Aramanth. Where they eat mudnuts, harvest them and take part in competitions that Mumpo excels himself at. Eventually the children find a way out and head towards the halls of the Morah. Along the way they stumble across the two warring cities of the desert plains, Omchaka and Ombaraka. They live in a travelling city that is much rather like a big ship on wheels, their home in which they live on is actually called a landsailer. Kess, Bo and Mumpo are taken and captured on both boats, being accused as Chakas and Barakas when really they are neither, but will they escape and continue their quest? My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this novel by Nicholson because it kept you interested and was a truly thrilling novel. It was a gripping book because it made you not want to put it down, until you had actually finished the book. I would recommend this book because it is a spectacular read and is very descriptive how you can picture the characters and where they. I would give this book 9/10. I also think it is brilliant how the story does not end there, as there is to more adventurous books to read. The second book in the trilogy is called ‘Slaves of the Mastery’ and the last book is called ‘FireSong’. A summary of the book in 50 words from a year 9 student ‘Kess, Bo and Mumpo come from the great city of Aramanth; embarking on a quest to retrieve the Wind Singer’s voice. But it won’t be very easy. Meeting inhabitants of the underlake, encountering the emperor who craves chocolate buttons. Who knows what lies ahead, as they venture along the Great Way?’ The Guardian ‘Full of inventiveness, action and passion’. Daily Telegraph ‘In terms of imagination and sheer scale, it’s as ambitious as books get’. The Sunday Times ‘An accessible, rebellious and fast-paced adventure’.
Huh? 1984 meets Animal Farm? Are we reading the same book? It's not at all Orwellian! What it is however, is a wonderful, exciting, and actually rather lovely and moving story. Well worth a read. Good for all ages! Written by the screenwriter of Gladiator and Shadowlands, and you can see the different influences in this book. The final scene has really stuck with me. Love it!
This is one of the best books I have ever read its 1984 meets animal farm in the future fantastic

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