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by Terry Pratchett

It's funny and engaging, while commenting on many real world problems. Every time I read this book I enjoy it more, yet no one seems willing to try fantasy. I would suggest giving this one a go, it'll change your mind.

Suggested by Vicky, Gateshead

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You know you've met most of the characters in a Terry Pratchett novel (and secretly suspect you may be one of them yourself)! His ability to describe and make real the most weird characters so that you can almost picture them and make even the wildest stretches of fantasy seem believable, make his books an extremely enjoyable read.
Liz Weston
Completely agree with Vicky. I read the whole "Guards" triology and loved it. it may be classed as fantasy but we've all met the characters in these books. They may be disguised but they are recognisable. I've just finished The Fifth Elephant which continues the adventures of the watch and it is brilliant, it gives diplomacy new meaning!
I love Terry Pratchett and haven't read a book by him that I didn't like. I think people's opinions of him are that he is a sci fi/fantasy writer and so avoid, but it is very true that a lot of what happens in his books are a humerous take on a lot of everyday occurances.
Terry Pratchett is an author that has a wonderful way with words, fantastic characters that are full of life (if you can say that about the Zombies and other undead that join the Watch in the further books in this series!) Even if Witches, Warriors and Wizards are not your thing, please give this book a go. All about the common (police)man trying to do his job in very uncommon circumstances!
Andrew Fox
Terry Pratchett is a gr8 writer and i love all of his books!! i tell every1 who loves reading to read his books.
I love Terry Pratchett! I have persuaded a few people to try it, but none have caught my enthusiasm.

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