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by Kate Mosse

An overhyped book which is much too long and too big to carry around. I ploughed through it as it was a book that my reading group were doing. Pretentious and unsatisfying. If you haven't read it - don't bother!

Suggested by Cheryl Powell, Maidenhead

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Disappointing. So hyped up, it did not live up to claims. Enjoyed the research bits but the rest I found tedious and skim read most of it.
Oh dear - poor Rover!! There are probably lots more readers out there who did enjoy this book so make up your own mind! I managed to finish it and really enjoyed the flashback bits set in the middle ages. I did manage to finish it but wouldn't say it was the best thing I ever read. Wouldn't say it was the worst either! I would say it was a bit better than The Dreaded Da Vinci Code!
Jack's mum
It was a struggle to finish. I was up to about page 600 before I felt that I wanted to know what would happen. Having said that I've got a couple of friends who highly recommend it. Just to prove it takes allvsorts.
Agree with Cheryl, but could not get past the third chapter.
The Reading Eagle, Cambs
Oh dear, I've not even started this book and don't know whether to bother now! I think it was on offer at the time and I wasn't sure if it would be my cup of tea ...
Rover and Out

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