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Cold Comfort Farm

by Stella Gibbons

One of those books that I have been intending to read for years and have finally got round to. And it was well worth it. Although the prose is obviously dated as it was written over 70 years ago, none of the humour or irony is lost. Guaranteed to make your journey go much quicker

Suggested by Ursula, Stowmarket

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This book was on the list for our reading group and although I'd heard of it I probably wouldn't have got round to reading it like one of those entries in 1000 books to read before you die. Yet I'm glad I did.Gibbons satirical tone is masterful as the no nonsense capable Flora sorts out her dysfunctional country relatives .It is a joyful romp of a read.
Angela Harvey
'Cold Comfort Farm' is absolutely hilarious. I reread it every couple of years or so and it never fails to make me laugh.
Catherine, Welling
Hilarious! Still have tears in my eyes!!
I disagree, I had high expectations, but in the end it was a disappointing and unsatisfying read. Do not recomment (it isn't a classic!)
Charmaine, Liverpool
i love this book all my love mason loves kylie clayton
mason oak
I loved this too, the characters are hilarious. Very well written.
Lou Woods

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