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The Naming of the Dead

by Ian Rankin

This is the latest in the long line of Rebus novels from Ian Rankin. There can't be many more, surely, as Rebus is tottering on the brink of 60 in this book and it's next stop retirement, which is one of the things that is particularly exercising Rebus's mind in this book. It's set against the background of the G8 conference and has all the elements you might expect. Rebus is still persona non grata with his superiors especially while the G8 circus is in town, is still wrestling with his demons - drink, disaffection and Big Ger Cafferty, and still has the knack of being completely likeable and getting the job done, despite his flaws. Rankin and Brookmyre are the only writers who tempt me to buy the hardback instead of waiting months for the paperback. This was well worth the extra money!

Suggested by Polly, West Yorkshire

Tagged with: compelling enthralling satisfying

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For me, the standout best of the Rebus books, which is saying a lot. The evocation of the events of July 2005 is stunning.
I agree with Polly's comments on this book. I am a big fan of Rebus as he is unconventional, easy to sympathise with, but always succeeds in the end. I always look forward to the next Rebus book coming out and seeing what Ian Rankin has in store for the downtrodden Inspector Rebus. We have an ongoing promotion in our library at the moment featuring the Rebus novels and on the evidence of the issues they are proving very popular with our readers.
Brian (Washington Town Library, currently doing Frontline)

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