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The Life of Pi

by Yann Martel

I love this book: an interesting collage of animal and human psychology and behaviour, with a twist!

Suggested by Twiglet, Medway

Tagged with: confusing. hmmmm interesting moving provoking satisfying thought unpredictable unusual

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What is more difficult, juggling three opposing religions or achieving symbiosis with a hungry tiger mid-Pacific? An improbable story told convincingly.
Hmmmm not quite what I was expecting but it was an interesting if not a very exciting read.
I was a bit bored during part one, but then really couldn't put it down in part two. It was so bizarrly imaginative and original, but totally conceiveable. The ending was, I agree, totally unexpected, and deep, and touching in the subtlest way which makes it even more touching.
I think it's a great read for a book group; it's so different.
I think this book was quite good and thought provoking, and I enjoyed the psycology in the book and the ending was thought provoking.
I must admit that I didn't really understand this book.
I really enjoyed this book and was intrigued by the story, the ending was very moving and quite unexpected

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