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Year of Wonders

by Geraldine Brooks

This wonderful book would fit in every category except Room 101 as it can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, in any mood. I've chosen Familiar because I've read it several times and frequently recommended it, lent it and given it away etc.

It's a very well researched and beautifully written story set in Derbyshire in the 17th century, when the village of Eyam isolated itself to contain the Plague. The sense of time and place is practically perfect as it transports you back to experience their dilemma and the drama of their lives. It's a tale of love and friendship in unusual circumstances. Superb!

Suggested by Nu-Knees my Screen Name, Knaresborough

Tagged with: compelling engrossing,haunting. evocative suprising

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This one was a surprise gem for me also. I normally shy away from anything that has the Historical tag but this drew me in from the start. A wonderful insight of the hardship of the times set around a touching story of love and resilience. Beautifully written. Excellent discussion book for any reading group.
Gez - Surrey
I read this book as part of Reading Group at was originally horrified at that Months choice completely out of my comfort zone. I loved it though it was moving, tragic but uplifting. Well researched with a wonderful central character.
library girl
I also found this book completely engrossing, so much so that I'm planning a visit to Eyam soon to see where it was set. You might also enjoy "March" by the same author which is the "Little Women" story told from the perspective of the March girls' father (who is away at war in the original)

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