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Ten Big Ones

by Janet Evanovich

This book is supposed to be funny and full of wit but I did not find this funny at all. The characters of the book are over exaggerated and unbelievable. The american dialogue didn't go down to well either.

Suggested by Vicki, East Herrington Library Sunderland

Tagged with: brilliant escapism fun! fun, hillarious



I have enjoyed all of the Stephanie Plum books for all the reasons above. For a similar scenario try Susan Strohmeyer and her 'Bubbles Yablonski" books
Janet B, Hedon
Wonderfull book. The whole idea is for the characters to be exaggerated and unbelievable who in real life would blow up every car they have ever owned or burn down the funeral house. As for the American dialogue, the author is american! If you like this sort of thing try Liz Evans she writes the same sort of thing but based in England (not quite as funny though) worth a try.
Kim G
I'm with you Janet. I find this series hillarious and the sexual tension between Stephanie and Ranger makes it compulsive reading. I love the whole series 1-13 and I am eagerly awaiting number 14. I have got several of my friends hooked.
Lynn, Bristol

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