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The Island

by Victoria Hislop

I found the subject matter leprosy in Crete in 1950's very interesting but the characters were hollow, two dimensional and the pace very slow.

Suggested by Paige Turner, Surrey

Tagged with: boring, dull enjoyable facinating fascinating historically holiday informative interesting nice pleasant reading shallow, slow tedious



Read this book with our Readers Group and I've recommended to alot of readers since! Enjoyed it I found it interesting and easy to read, nice holiday read or indeed anytime!!
I can't say that I did not enjoy this book, because on some levels I did. The subject matter was interesting as was the setting. However I did find that the characterisation was very one dimensional and that did leave you a little under whelmed in parts. Having said that I am glad I did read it.
I felt that this was a book that I ought to read as everyone was talking about it. I was not disappointed . The perfect holiday read. I do find it hard to remember the story line of books I have read but this story was memorable as was the holiday that I spent reading it
So many people have told me how good this book was that I was disappointed when I read it. It was informative and though-provoking and gave a real-human perspective to the subject. However it seemed to amble towards a fairly predictable conclusion. For me it lacked the dramatic tension required in a novel.
Tracy, Preston
I loved this book it took me a while to get into it. I read it with a book club and would not have chosen to read it but I'm glad I did.
I loved this book. I read it on holiday in about 3 days, and couldn't put it down. It was easy to read, and I thought she really brought Crete and the characters to life. I'm reading it at my book club next month - I hope everyone disagrees as much as people here have done - it will make a good discussion!
I read this book while on holiday. I loved its easy style of writing and at times found it very moving. An unusual storyline and although a little predictable in places I still recommended it to my mother who also enjoyed it.
Mrs Bacon
I can't agree with the negative comments. I really enjoyed this book. I visited Spinalonga with a guide and found the history very interesting and I thought the author did it justice, just proves it is very difficult to recommend a read
I too was disappointed with this book. I have to say that when I first started reading it, I though 'what a great story' and couldn't wait to read on to find out what had happenend on the Island. However, I soon discovered that this was to be a boring, very repetitive read. A bit like "Tess of the D'Urbevilles" all over again!
Janet, Cheshire
I wasn't expecting much from this book, the cover was a little bland but I was surprised. I can't really agree with the other readers, but then that's the great thing about books, everyone gets a different experience. I know Crete fairly well and enjoyed being familiar with the landscape in the books. Ms Hislop certainly captured some of the Cretan character and I enjoyed the book, an enjoyable afternoon read.
I can only assume that Ms Hislop has a good agent, as I too found this very poor - the characterisation was shallow, and although the background was interesting, this was a typical product of a journalist trying to turn fact into interesting fiction, and, in my view, failing miserably.
i agree
lisa, plymouth

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