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by Charles Morgan

Well, not completely. When I discovered Charles Morgan's novel, 'Sparkenbroke' a friend shared with me a passion for his writing, and his books still occasionally come up in book talk between us.

Sparkenbroke is the name of the hero of the book, an unusual boy, who grows up to be a man searching for some kind of revelation concerning the true nature of things, which he believes he experienced as a boy, when locked for a night in the mausoleum at Sparkenbroke house. He tries to revisit this vision through art, through women, through indulging in dangerous activities. Other characters are George Hardy, the village doctor, Lady Sparkenbroke, and Mary, with whom he falls in love and sees in her the closest realisation of what he seeks, which is some kind of transformation or transcendence brought about by art or love or death. There are echoes of Platonism, mysticism, and yet his own unique variety of both. If this sounds heavy, it isn't, the story carries one along, needing to know what happens, what becomes of everyone. Charles Morgan writes beautifully in a slightly high flown prose which has become unfashionable now, his delineations of people are exact so that one fully pictures them, and it conveys beautifully the lure of the Southern English countryside. Amongst his other novels are The Fountain, The Voyage, The Empty Room, The Judges Story, and two plays, The Flashing Stream and The River Line, which is set against the background of the French resistance. He was for a while the Drama Critic of the Sunday Times.

His work has always been more highly regarded in France than in England, even though they are very 'English' novels. They are no longer in print, but well deserve to be, so if you come across one in an antiquarian book shop, do buy and read, you will find it an elevating and worthwhile experience, and completely engrossing.

Suggested by Kate Edwards, Runcorn

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Query/Comment for Roger Morgan above: I remember reading ALL Charles Morgan's books when I was younger...each more beautifully crafted than the next. He is STILL my favorite fiction author, although I no longer read fiction because, in my opinion, his type of writing just isn't out there anymore! Could his works be available to Project Gutenberg? D. Herbert, Tampa, FL
D. Herbert
It has always been my favorite book
lulla Waterfield
How I agree; but I happen to be the author's son!
Roger Morgan
this book was the most beautiful book that I ever read and deserves all respect for the writer and conception,thoughts,and composition.a wonderful book.

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