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Post Office

by Charles Bukowski

This is quite simply one of the funniest books I have ever read - not much happens except 20 years of life on the breadline and it is all based on the author's experiences he calls his main character Henry Chinaski!. I have read it 3 times now and often revisit some of my favourite passages. The book is written in simple language and peppered with hilarious insights into a netherworld of dive bars and dead-end jobs. Bukowski wrote many great books, but this may just be the best thing to emerge from this sozzled old poet.

Suggested by Kid Funkadelic, The Mothership

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This is a very funny/sad book, with lots of black humour contrasting with passages of deep melancholic sadness. Bukowski makes a scathing critique of the crazy making routines of his workplace and describes his, often desperate, efforts to stay sane. The book is made up of very short chapters so really easy to read and a good introduction to Bukowski's work. Highly recommended.
The Spotlight Kid
Post Office is a great book but only a snippet of what Bukowski was capable of. As a master of the word its Bukowskis ability to strip things down to their basic level that makes him such a great writer. If you enjoy this book i strongly recommend reading 'women'- one of his longer and more accomplished persona. Its important to remeber that Bukowski the boozer and womaniser is as much a fictional device as it is his real persona- heres a sensitive man who book after book of poetry, unrecognised by the literary world for more than 30 years...if you like Post Office i strongly recommend you to read everything you can about, and by the man- his ability to nail human emotions and foibiles are unparalled- to quote the man himself' we are all museums of fear!'

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