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Vernon God Little

by D.B.C Pierre

Wow, I seem to be one of only a few people who really loved this book, and appreciated how well written it was.
Instantly caught by it, I found it hard to put down, and had to be dragged away.
The story of a teenage boy in small town America, this hilarious book explores the controversial subject of High School shootings, and a boy being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The characters are fantastic, so realistic and believable. They speak as you would expect them too, and swear as only a teenage boy can!

Loved it, and recommend it to everyone

Suggested by Lou Woods, Kent Libraries

Tagged with: booker brilliant dreary exhilerating favourite genius sluggish. strange winner

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I loved this book. I didn't mind the swearing as it is in character for how this boy would have spoken. Brilliant book.
Sue C. Grimsby
Great book - I am re-reading it at the moment (I first heard in via Spoken Word). Funny and unique - I expect it'll be a film one day.
Don't mind swearing in a book at all - and I LOVED Vernon God Little. The writing seemed to be so true; the characters beautifully and sparingly sketched by the author. Like the original reviewer, I could not put this book down. Brilliant.
Sarah McDonald
I loved this book, the sheer outrageousness it appealed. Found it funny, clever and sobering. Hate swearing, but didn't mind it here somehow!
I don't remember the swearing, that doesn't bother me. All I remember is how very bored I was by every character in this. Yes, a self-obsessed teenage boy may be realistic, but he's still annoying. The unsympathetic characters do uninteresting, stupid things, you learn nothing about the nature of humanity, and there's no funny here. Unless you find typical soap-opera interaction funny. There's an anti-media agenda here that I just can't give a fig about.
Becky, York
I tried this book a couple of years ago with a reading group and just like Big Suze could not get passed the swearing. Didn't finish it it
I just couldn't get passed all of the swearing - maybe I should try it again.
Big Suze

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