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War and Peace

by Leo Tolstoy

Huge, complicated story with a million characters and long, unpronouncable names, full of agony but not much ecstasy!

Suggested by Wendy, Bedfordshire

Tagged with: boring epic fantastic historical pile top



I have been reading this on and off for 2 years now. Tolstoy's writing is marvellous and I always feel that I am learning such a lot. No wonder there was a bloody revolution. Stick with this one.
This is one of my favourite books and when I was reading I felt as if I inhabited their world. When I finished this novel I felt as if I was leaving so many friends behind and was lost for weeks!
Carys, Cardiff
As someone who places "War and Peace" among her top five(perhaps first) favorite novels, I cannot image what kind of being would find it boring. It is so deeply emotional - Tolstoy conveys universal truths of heart and mind in each of his characters. We feel with them. Thank you for rescuing Tolstoy, Maureen. Although I think he was, and will ever be, quite safe from binhood.

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