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The Sea

by John Banville

What a dry book, I had such high hopes for this book being a Booker Prize winner! I just couldn't get interested in the life of the storyteller, and by the time the book got remotely interesting near the end, It was too late, I had started to skim it.

Suggested by Debra, Luton

Tagged with: bother! disappointing pointless why



The plot just didn't go anywhere! It's as if John Banville was trying to fit in so many beautiful words and sentences that he just forgot about there actually being a plot. I think he realised near the end that most stories do actually need a plot and tried to create some sort of ending but I agree with Debra - it was definately too late.
This is a pretty short novel and one that I thought I would no problem in completing (for my reading group) however I found it totally unengaging and monotonous. I just couldn't finish it! Having heard the ending from my book group pals, I don't think I missed anything by giving up on it - life is too short to read books like this!
Judith, Reading

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