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Northern Lights

by Philip Pullman

People had been recommending this series to me for a long time but it had never appealed until now and I am very glad I finally gave in!

I was hooked from the very beginning and I couldn't put it down. I found the characters believable and I really wanted to know what was going to happen.

I think this book is a must for adults as well as children and even people who dislike most fantasy stories like me; I can't wait to read the second book.

Suggested by Abz, Wiltshire

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This is one of my favourite reads - it takes you to an (almost) completely different world!
Sarah, Southampton
Look out for the film "The Golden Compass" - seems to be the story of the book, although not credited...I wonder why?
Linda, Sidcup
Excellent trilogy. Read it twice and may read it again in a few years time.
Polly, London
Very well written. Didn't put in down once.
Angela B
Spellbinding! More sophisticated than Harry Potter and with a more exciting plot. I am a very slow reader but after the first few chapters I got through this book within a week! The characters daemons were a very clever addition to the story. I cannot wait to read the next installment.
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