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The Night Watch

by Sarah Waters

I haven't read any other Sarah Waters titles and was looking forward to this as an introduction to her work. It is Orange shortlisted and this seemed a good recommendation but I'm struggling. About a third of the way through I could see that somewhere in the plot there are mysteries to be revealed and potentially interesting backgrounds to the characters - would the revelations start soon I'm just over halfway through now and no, they haven't... This book, for all its detailed description of life in blitzed London, just isn't very interesting. I'm finding it hard to engage with the characters and to care what happens enough to finish this hefty tome.

Suggested by Claire Frampton, St. Albans

Tagged with: average dull slow-going

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This is probably Sarah Waters' worst novel - try her latest one, 'The Little Stranger' - a superb ghost story (and no feminist messages!)
Kim, Langley Mill
I am an avid reader of all sorts of fiction but this I found so dull. I agree with Claire that it just felt that it was going nowhere, and the author a little too eager to get her feminist messages across, which isn't very smart.
Jig, Rochdale

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