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Fugitive Pieces

by Anne Michaels

This is my favourite book. I missed it when it was first published and so knew nothing about it when a friend sent it to me. I couldn't anticipate what an absorbing book it would be It's beautifully written and I found the interweaving of stories from the past, more recent past and the present, moving and believable. The exploration of the richness of human life and of compassion and love set against the background of the depravity and evil of the Second World War sounded a chord with me. I thought of all those innocent people caught up in the Holocaust. It gives a message of hope, though, with the astounding ability of human beings to carry on living against the odds and to find meaning in life and love even though life has been so dark and cruel. I was very surprised when the reading group didn't share my enthusiasm. I thought everyone in the world would think JUST LIKE ME!

Suggested by Diane Bayliss, Taunton

Tagged with: moving

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