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by James Herbert

What was he thinking James Herbert one of Britains bestselling chiller fiction novels see The Fog, The rats has taken some wacky pills and come up with the blandest piece of adult fantasy it has ever been my mis-fortune to pick up. If you like graphic sex scenes mixed in with your witches and fairies, this book has plenty! This book is definately for adults only, no ' Diagon Allley ' in sight!
This book can be described in one sentence: A guy realises there is more to his childhood memories than he realises, has a bit of sex, falls in love with a mythic creature, defeats a wrong doer and lives happpily ever after!
The one redeeming feature of this book and proberbly the only reason I could recommend it to anyone but my worst enemy is that in the age of books like 'The Da Vinci Code' it does have a good twist ending! Enjoy someone should!

Suggested by Dene, Leeds

Tagged with: strange



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